For the past 20 years, I have been a wardrobe and prop stylist in the Bay Area for both print and film. Every job, no matter the size, is treated with the same amount of respect and diligent preparation. I have always prided myself in turning over every last stone, "just in case". Early in my career, a wise photographer, Terry Heffernan, said to me, "Everything is out there somewhere." These were words I carried with me and never forgot. Everything IS out there. You just have to search a little deeper and be a bit more persistent. There is a fine line between being persistent without becoming annoying. Over the years, my eyes have become more discerning with emphasis on design, shape, color and texture. My resources are quite numerous and my passion for the business is huge. Every project takes on its own personality with its own special needs; all of which are understood and addressed. Each client is listened to with total attention. I think of a project like a puzzle. It all has to fit together upon completion. This means everyone is satisfied at the finish.

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